Choosing Me…

At the age of 42, I realized I had never known anything except teaching.  I had been working in a nursery school or elementary school since I was 15 years old.  I trudged through the same monontonous routine year after year.  While it wasn’t without its rewards, I became complacent in life.  I began to be envious of my graduating students – thinking about the futures they had in front of them.

I soon became tired of feeling sorry for myself.  I decided to make a change.  But what would I do?  I needed something to be passionate about.  It was then that my school needed a new website.  I took on this task and instantly fell in love with the whole process.  The design, the coding, the linking, the SEO…EVERYTHING!  I studied UX/UI principles, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Python, Wix, WordPress.  I earned certificates in Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, HTML5, and CSS3.  I am currently studying more computer languages, the Salesforce platform, and computer software.  Through teaching, I have come to undertsand that we never stop learning.

Now, I’m looking to turn my new passion into a career.  I’m nervous, but excited.  I realize I won’t know everything, but I am a fast learner and hard worker.  I’m unafraid of the unknown.  You may be taking a chance on me, but I’m also taking a chance on you. I look forward to making my dream a reality!